After ten years of college coupled with seven years in big business, it became clear that there was more to life than a good job in the big city. In 1976, Elizabeth signed on as a chef on ocean racing yachts. This provided a way to travel to ports throughout the world and shop fresh markets offering a variety of exotic ingredients. Elizabeth soon became well known within the circle of yacht racers for menus using the freshest ingredients and in particular, fresh herbs. As word of her culinary creations and status as a chef traveled with the winds, Elizabeth began making and selling gallons of pesto sauces to other yachts.

In 1980, Elizabeth met her husband Richard, a ship captain in the West Indies, and together they continued to sail around the world. As their family grew, they needed to finally drop anchor and put down roots, and so began their search for a healthy locale to raise a family.

They chose a remote pristine farm in southern Oregon overlooking the beautiful Cascade Mountains. The land brought them exciting opportunities along with unique challenges. As they learned more about their new mountain valley home, they came upon the perfect endeavor for the hot, dry climate…growing herbs!

The Need

In the early 1980s, there was a discernible lack of organic foods, especially, organically-grown herbs and specialty herb products. The use of chemicals in farming was increasing, which was a major concern to Elizabeth and Richard. The idea of putting poison on food was out of the question.

Their mission became clear: provide healthy food utilizing the highest quality clean ingredients while supporting organic and sustainable agriculture. Elizabeth and Richard understood the importance of looking after our earth home today for the benefit of future generations of tomorrow.

The First Products

In 1984 in a small, nomadic Mongolian tent known as a ‘yurt’, the first fresh pesto sauces were manufactured for a local market by Rising Sun Farms®. The response was so positive and the demand so great that it necessitated a larger, certified kitchen.

Sales boomed! Additional equipment and employees were added, and in 1991 a move ‘down the road’ over the Siskiyou pass brought them to nearby Phoenix, OR. As business continued to grow, Rising Sun Farms® underwent a major expansion in the year 2000 with the addition of 12,000 square feet of manufacturing and warehouse space. Rising Sun Farms now enjoys a 25,000 square foot facility and warehouse.


Rising Sun Farms® is dedicated to their employees and their families, providing them with a healthy place to work, benefits, training, education and wages to sustain their families. This philosophy has built a strong, loyal and dedicated team over the years. Richard and Elizabeth's most sacred award came from their employees as "Employer of the Year"! Their employees are their most valuable asset and are always referred to as "The Can-Do Crew."

Expanding Product Lines

What began in 1984 with a simple line of organic pesto sauces, has expanded today to include over 25 unique products within 4 major lines including: Cheese Tortas, Party Tortas, Pesto Sauces, and DipnSpreads. Many of the products are available in both retail and food service packaging.

With their growing expertise and industry recognition, Rising Sun Farms® now also specializes in private label, custom packing and co-packing for a variety of customers across the nation.

Quality Assurance

Rising Sun Farms® is committed to producing top quality foods, full of flavor and wholesome goodness.  All are produced in their dedicated gluten free production facility and are regularly inspected by 3rd party auditors and inspected daily by its own Quality Assurance.

In 2013, Rising Sun Farms® became SQF Certified.

With a deep dedication to personal connections with all of its customers, Rising Sun Farms® provides unsurpassed customer service through a focus on flexible ordering, fast response times and specialized marketing programs.

In addition, Rising Sun Farms® and their products have won over 80 national and international awards for excellence.

Future Plans

For years Rising Sun Farms® has been ahead of the markets by recognizing and setting industry trends. Their vision that natural and organic foods will penetrate the gourmet and grocery marketplaces has arrived and is growing. Rising Sun Farms® remains prepared to meet future demands with the highest level of manufacturing standards and efficiencies, along with an eye for ground-breaking market trends and niche opportunities.


As a proven leader of innovative, superior quality products, always made with a minimum carbon footprint, Rising Sun Farms® continues to pave the path to a sustainable planet for many generations to come.